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Wheelchair Lightweight Travel Aluminum Premium

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Wheelchair Lightweight Travel Aluminum Premium Manual Wheelchair Wheelchair - Fresco Bike

Wheelchair Lightweight Travel Aluminum Premium 

Best lightweight wheelchair for travel

Model: FQK9002

Why you should buy:
•    Lightweight travel wheelchair ready stock in K.L Malaysia. You can visit our showroom “Fresco Bike” for best experience.
•    Direct from factory with spare parts and technician for after sales service. 
•    Fresco more than 13 years in market.
•    This Premium Wheelchair for travel’s cushion is thick and comfortable. Best suitable for older to sit on wheelchair for longer time while travel. 
•    (Cushion Thickness 4cm)

Fresco Folding Travel Wheelchair Lightweight Premium
•    Total Length: 92cm
•    Total Width: 49.5cm
•    Total Height: 92cm
•    Seat Width: 38cm
•    Seat Depth: 38cm
•    Seat Height Above Ground: 52cm
•    Backrest Height: 46cm
•    Wheelchair Net Weight: 10.5kg
•    Max Loading: 100kg
•    Carton Size: 60 x 46 x 71cm
•    Carton Weight: 13kg

•    The lightweight wheelchair travel frame is welded by 35x25x2.0 anisotropic high-strength special aluminum materials, and the surface is oxidized for last longer.
•    Wheelchair Seat Cushion: The cushion is made of imported raw material flame retardant and breathable mesh fabric. Seat cushion mesh design with built-in interlayer 5cm sponge cushion and 8mm high density board.
•    Reversible PU Armrest Wheelchair Travel: allow users to easily transfer from bed to wheelchair seat.
•    The foot stand can be folded back, reducing the space for placement.
•    Front Wheel: 5-inch PVC front wheel, with high-strength wheel, the wheel is equipped with high-strength metal front fork, which is sturdy and durable
•    Rear Wheel: 12-inch-high quality PVC rear wheel, which has the characteristics of no inflation, no maintenance, and excellent shock absorption.
•    The handle is made of foam tube, and the rear handle has a brake function, which can better allow the caregiver to brake or push the wheelchair at will, which is safe and convenient.

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