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Pop Corn Machine With Trolley

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Pop Corn Machine With Trolley Pop Corn Pop Corn Machine Pop Corn Machine With Trolley Pop Corn Pop Corn Machine Pop Corn Machine With Trolley Pop Corn Pop Corn Machine Pop Corn Machine With Trolley Pop Corn Pop Corn Machine

Model : FRSOP6A

Luxurypopcorn machinewithtrolley

Product size: 560 x 420 x 720 mm

Packing size: 600 x 460 x 790 mm

Voltage: 220V / 50-60Hz

Power: 1.4kw

Weight: 52kg


Promotion: RM1150

Popcornmachine features:

1ˇ˘Originalthree-sided color printing boxes, beautiful, avant-garde.

2ˇ˘Surroundedby transparent glass, reflect the full range popcorn production process, safety and health.

3ˇ˘Efficientheating and insulation systems to the production process to achieve convenient and efficient level.

Mushroom Pop Corn Seed perkg RM6.50

Popcorn Caramel sugar perkg RM12

Popcorn coconut oil perbottel (5 Littre)  RM41


Popcorn machineInstruction:

1)      firstpopcorn machine's power plug in, turn insulation light switches, turn on the heating switch, add 50 grams of pop corn oil, turn on the rotary switch. It must be preheated for 3 minutes, then turn off all switches, pour out porn corn oil. (This is only applying for new machine. Improving life of the pot more than twice)

2)      Step two: Turn onall switches (light switches, heating switch, rotary switch), and then adding 50 - 60 g popcorn oil, 90 - 100 g of popcorn seed. (Pot must be under three minutes in the preheated premise), and finally put popcorn caramel sugar 60-70 grams. Then put down the lid, close the glass doors.

3)      The third step: the operator monitors the situation of popcorn popping. When the popping sound come out, popcorn seed pop out from the pot , immediately turn off the heat switch, and then continue to rotate 3-5 seconds, then open the lid of the pot and wait for about 10 second of the popping, then finally pour out the pot .

4)      Clean upthe pot, put the pot with a wet towel to wipe clean, so to longer machine life

Shipping Details

·         Item will ship once payment received.

·         Item send via Pos Laju / Gdex / Yamato / Others Courier Services depend on location

·         For Sabah Sarawak Customers , in order to save cost , for item above 1kg will be shipped via post air parcel (It should normally take about 8 – 10 working days to arrive)

·         The process for shipping time is 1 – 3 working days

·         If there has anything cause the shipment to delay, we will email you

·         For West Malaysia, you should receive item 2-3 days.

·         Once item ship out , we will update you with tracking number

·         If you have not received the item after 5 working days, please email us / .  Office Number : 03-92263997


Contact Us:

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Any problem, any question, we will like to hear from you;

Please contact us: ,

Sam: 0192186941, Farah 0194009325, Nani 0162271167,

Office Tel: 03-92263997, Fax: 03-92212288


We will try our best to reply you within 2 days. If you ask a question and did not get any response, please try to email us again.

If you wish to combine your order in order to save transport cost , please call us . (We can arrange Lorry , Sea Freight , Air-Freight)



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