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Panini Sandwich Maker Double

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Panini Sandwich Maker Double Panini Sandwich Maker

Panini Sandwich Maker Double
Name: Grilled sandwich or panni, double Panini grill, Sandwich Machine£¬panini press
Model: FNP-591
Volts: 220V/110V 50Hz
Power: 4.4KW
Dimensions: 850x340x200mm
Packing size: 890x380x220mm
Material: stainless steel (#201)
Double griddleplate is a new product, the use of stainless steel , the temperature can be adjusted up and down heating. Under the traditional heating griddle temperature compared with the faster, more convenient, more time-saving features. Processed foods to more features, due to the distance of the product can be used to adjust the thickness of the upper and lower plate code classification regulation applies to a different type of food plus thickness. Bars, restaurants, the preferred device families.
Cleaning andmaintenance:
1, in the cleaning and maintenance should be cut off power to prevent accidents.
2, a day after work available non-corrosive cleaner wet towel, clean griddle surface and surface power outlet, prohibited direct wash water to avoid damage to electrical performance.
3, the cleaning process, clean the drip bowl of water, the spill-proof.
62-1 Jalan Metro Pudu 2
Fraser Business Park
55100 Kuala Lumpur
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