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62-1, Jalan Metro Pudu 2,
Fraser Business Park,
55100 Off Jalan Yew,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Sales inquiry:
Sam: +6019-2186941
Farah Lee: +6019-4009325
Nani: +6016-2271167
Maria : +6016-9092213


Wheelchair - Fresco Bike

L-Shape Bathroom Barrier Free Upturning Handrail 51 x 13.5cm

Bathroom Barrier Free Upturning Shower Chair Bathroom

Bathroom Barrier Free Upturning Wall Chair Bathroom Health Accessories

Wheelchair Cushion Air-Based Double Layer Anti-Decubitus Inflatable

Shifting Commode Moving Transfer Chair Semi Auto Bath Shower With Potty Toilet Seat (Premium)

Fresco Electric Transfer Chair Powered Nursing Transfer Lift Electric Patient Lifter

Shifting Commode Transfer Chair Stainless Steel Double Hydraulic

Ultralight Weight Wheelchair Travel Aluminum Foldable

Super Lightweight Electric Wheelchair 15kg (Carbon Printed)

Fresco Electric Wheelchair Heavy Duty Foldable (Red Seat)

Electric Wheelchair for Heavy Person

Fresco Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Sport Rim Double Battery

CP Wheelchair Pediatric Reclining Wheelchair for Child

Aluminum Wheelchair Lightweight 13kg Aluminium Alloy Wheelchair

Fresco Sport Wheelchair Ultra Lightweight Leisure Manual

Cerebral Palsy Child Wheelchair Reclining with Detach Seat for Car

Wheelchair Aluminium Ramp Portable (Antislip) 90 X 76cm

Wheelchair Aluminium Ramp Portable (Antislip) 120 X 76cm

Wheelchair Rubber Threshold Ramp 90 x 25 x 4.5cm

Wheelchair Rubber Threshold Ramp 90 x 20 x 4cm

Back Solid wheelchair Tyre With Honeycomb Rim 12.5 inch

Front Solid wheelchair Tyre With Honeycomb 200 x 50

10 x 2 1 /4 Tyre Tube Front Ram Sparepart

10 x 2.125 Tyre & Tube Front Ram Sparepart One Set

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