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Fresco Cocoa Supply PLT
62-1, Jalan Metro Pudu 2,
Fraser Business Park,
55100 Off Jalan Yew,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Sales inquiry:
Sam: +6019-2186941
Farah Lee: +6019-4009325
Nani: +6016-2271167


Our Products

Sushi Maker Master Set 10 pcs

Pan Cake Pan Plate

Takoyaki Pan Plate

Taiyaki Fish Pan Plate

Fresco Electric Chocolate Fondue Family Set CF19B Red Color

Fresco Electric Chocolate Fondue Family Set CF19A White Color

Fresco Electric Chocolate Fondue CF21B White Color

Fresco Electric Chocolate Fondue CF21A Pink Color

Hot Chocolate Maker Drink

Chocolate Fountain Machine Home

Fresco Home Chocolate Fountain Machine Stainless Steel FRS-TD

Fresco Home Chocolate Fountain Machine Stainless Steel SS0110

Fresco White Fountain Chocolate Less Sweet Formula 6kg Per Tub

Fresco Pure Milk Fountain Chocolate 1kg retail packing

Fresco Milk Fountain Dipping Candy Commercial Packing 5kg

Fresco Milk Fountain Dipping Candy Commercial Packing 25kg

Fresco Chocolate Warmer Single Melting Pot FRS-20049 600

Fresco Chocolate Warmer Pot Stainless Steel FRS-05

Fresco Chocolate Warmer Double Melting Pot FRS-20048


Churro Filling Machine 5L

Churro Maker Electric Commercial Machine

Churro Maker Machine With Deep Fryer Electric

Churro Maker Machine 3L

Crepe Machine Electric

Crepe Machine Gas

Crepe Machine Gas 600

Crepe Machine Electric France

Cup Sealing Machine Semi Auto


Commercial Deep Fryer Electric 17 Liter

Deep Fryer Gas Big Tank Double Fire 18 Litre

Deep Fryer Gas Single Tank

Deep Fryer Gas Double Tank

Dorayaki Pancake Maker

Dorayaki Dutch Mini Pancake Poffertjes Maker Machine Gas

Dorayaki Waffle Maker Gas Six Holes

Dorayaki Waffle Maker Electric Six Holes

Dorayaki Dutch Mini Pancakes Poffertjes Maker Machine Electric

Electric Bicycle Cool Bike 5



Electric Scooter Bike Bicycle ZEN 2

New Electric Harley Scooter With Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Charger

EVO Electric Scooter 1600W 48V Brushless Motor

Electric Scooter Harley Front Suspension Double Seat 1000W 60V

Electric Scooter Harley Premium 1000W 60V Full Suspension

Gas Griddle Hot Plate Desktop


Ice Blender Machine Digital 1800W with Sound Insulation Cover

Milk Shake Machine Double

Milk Shake Machine Single

Ice Blender Digital Commercial Machine 2200W

Kurtosh Chimney Cake Oven

Kurtosh Chimney Cake Oven


Bird Tree LED Light Detection

Wireless Charger Home Tree Speaker 3 in 1


Gas Oden & Noodle Boiler


Drink Bag With Zipper 500ml 13 x 23 with Printing x 150pcs


Panini Sandwich Maker Flat Double

Panini Sandwich Maker Single

Panini Sandwich Maker Double


Pop Corn Machine Small Electric With Wheel Trolley

Fresco Pop Corn Popping Oil

Fresco Home Vintage Collection Cotton Candy Maker CCM-500

Fresco Candy Floss Machine SC-M03

Fresco Takoyaki Malaysia Premix Flour 2 bag , 1kg per bag

Fresco Takoyaki Malaysia Premix 25 bag & carton , per bag & 1kg

Fresco MyCrepe 2u Premix Flour 25kg & carton

Fresco MyCrepe 2u Premix Flour 2 bags , 1kg per bag

Fresco Takoyaki Malaysia Business Package

Fresco MyCrepe 2u Business Package

Taiyaki Fish Waffle

Taiyaki Fish Waffle Maker New Version FNP-911

Taiyaki Fish Ice Cream Machine Big Open Mouth Taiyaki Japan

Waffle Taiyaki Fish Open Mouth Deeper Machine GAS

Waffle Small Fish Taiyaki Electric Maker Machine

Takoyaki 2 in 1 Maker

Takoyaki Machine Gas 2 plate, FR-1136.R 18 hole, Big hole (45mm) size

Takoyaki Maker Electric

Fresco Takoyaki Gas Machine FR-56.R , 2 plate 28 Holes

Potato Cutter Fresco

Twist Potato Machine ABS Plastic , Spring Potato Machine

Twist Potato Machine Stainless Steel , Spring Kentang Mesin

Fresco Twist Potato Machine

Egg Tart Shell Electric Maker 13 Holes

Bear Waffle Ice Cream Maker Electric

Egg Tart Shell Maker Machine

Syrup Waffle Maker Electric

Hot Dog Steamer

Pop Corn Warmer Showcase Three Cell

Pop Corn Warmer Showcase Two Cell

Warmer Showcase